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"Youth Told By The Young" is the photography exhibition created to give a voice to the identities of the "young people of today" through fifty works of ten young artists. 

Within the interdisciplinary subject of the Personal Project, the curator of the exhibition is Anna Teke, student at the Deledda International School. The aim is to tell the audience what growing up means to us during these years. This complicated period of our life is not very clear to adults; through these photographs we are trying to show to an audience, who usually does not take seriously our problems, our reality. We want to remind adults of that moment in their life when, even for them, sometimes, going on seemed almost impossible.

The Participants:

Bassi Andrea, Beverini Virginia, Cevasco Beatrice, Francesia Ludovica, Loiacono Alice, Privitera Valentina, Raccuglia Matteo, Ricchetti Ludovica, Schiavetti Pietro, Torrente Federica